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Official Authorized Dealer Designations

DataVision is an Authorized Dealer for such brands as Apple, Sony, Canon, Olympus, Samsung, Sonos, Beats by Dre, Acer, Asus, Dyson, Krups, Chromecast, iRobot, Keurig, Lacie, Western Digital, Seagate, Lenovo, Sennheiser, Ooma, and many more.

Many brands give an official designation to their Authorized Dealers to ensure your buying experience will include top level service, customer support, an accurate price, and of course a warranty.  

DataVision is an Authorized Dealer for most major brands, and your purchase will not only include the above, but you will have peace of mind knowing the manufacturer has tapped us as someone you can trust.  

Some manufacturers will only warranty products purchased from an official designated dealer, and will likely require a copy of that retailer's invoice.  Purchases from DataVision carry manufacturer's warranties and always include a matching invoice. 

About Gray Market Products
As an Authorized Dealer, you can also be sure you are receiving goods meant for sale inside the United States.  Some dealers will pass off gray market/imported products meant for resale in other countries.  These gray products do not carry USA warranties from the manufacturer and may not perform properly inside the USA.  In many cases, the original factory included accessories are not included, or incompatible with voltage or UL electrical specifications and may be unsafe. As a New York retailer which caters to international travelers inside Manhattan, we will carry dual-voltage or international models, but they will be clearly designated in multiple places on our product pages.



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