Rewards / Points Program and Redemption

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VIP Points give our shoppers the ability to accumulate points for hard dollar discounts on future purchases.

The program is free to join, but limited to Datavision account holders only. If you checked out as a guest, your purchase will not qualify.

Receiving VIP Points
There are several ways to accumulate VIP Points:

1.  Purchase an item on our website.
Customers will receive a VIP point equal to 1 point per dollar spent for the item price only. Taxes and Shipping do not count towards point balances.  

For example,
if an item is purchased for $99.49 + 7.99 Shipping, you will receive 99 Datavision Dough Points.

From time to time, bonus points will be offered on individual products during promotional periods..

Datavision reserves the right to deduct or delete points and accounts for abuse or suspected misuse of the above program.   DataVision VIP Points will be available for use, 7 days after your shipped and completed purchase.

Redeeming VIP Points
Customers may choose to redeem DataVision VIP Points at the time of checkout.  Points are valued at at $0.01 per point.  For example, If your cart total is $100, and your DataVision Dough balance is 2500, your final total will be $75 based on the $25 value of the points.  

Points are not accumulated on discount/redemption value.   If the above example is again sited, you would receive 75 points for the new purchase of the $100 item.

DataVision VIP Points will be available for use for a total of 1 year from the date of purchase.  

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